Kemptown Acupuncture & Cupping

Rejuvenation therapeutics for face and body


Acupuncture is an applied medicine that works WITH the body to restore health.

It is an energy focused medicine, in that it identifies that energy (blood and oxygen) is at the root of all physiological functions in the body.

Our energy is affected by a whole host of factors, from our hereditary makeup, our lifestyle, the climates, our emotions to traumas and pathogenic illnesses.

Acupuncture works in two ways.

Firstly local Acupuncture points are used to restore blood circulation to a specific area of the body which is not functioning properly, nourishing the cells and tissue bringing renewed vitality to the area.

Secondly, specific Acupuncture points on the body are stimulated to affect the organs and their specific body systems which need support to function properly.

Stimulation at specific acupuncture points is applied by the use of a few (very fine) needles. Other modalities can also be used instead or alongside acupuncture such as moxa, cupping and massage to restore health.

Acupuncture is one aspect of Chinese Medicine, with diet, exercise, herbal medicine and meditation being the other components to maintaining health.

I highly value the Chinese Medicine view on nutrition and as such will recommend certain foods to help improve presenting complaint.


A form of heat therapy it can boost blood circulation locally or stimulate the function of the acupuncture point specifically.

Moxa is used in a variety of ways, either as moxa balls, placed on the end of a needle. Once lit, the heat is transmitted through the needle bringing warmth and vitality to the area.  It can also be used instead of an acupuncture needle, by placing a moxa stick over the acupuncture point.

It is a gentle way of treating those who cannot tolerate too much stimulation or for young children who are scared of needles.

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